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Call it Supplemental Evacuation

"A combination of several simple, low-tech devices. They require no power, are lightweight, have a long shelf-life and are easy to use"

How they Work


Each System incorporates a Controlled Descent Device, commonly referred to as a "CDD". The CDD works like a pulley. In operation, a user slides an Escape Harness over them, steps over the ledge and slowly descends at the rate of 3 feet per second.


This speed can be compered to a very slow elevator. As they descend, the opposite end of the cable automatically rises and reloads the CDD for the next evacuee. Escape Harnesses are permanently attached at each end of the cable, however full fire resistant Evacuation Suits are available.

Guardian Fixed-Mounted Systems


The Guardian System utilized a small bracket as an anchor for a detachable swing arm. The Swing Arm slides up into and rests down inside this bracket and pivots back and forth. This pivoting allows the users to attach the CDD without having to lean over the balcony or out the window. The Swing Arm extends the CDD nearly 1 meter away from the building so that the evacuee doesn't drag against the structure while descending.


The Wall Mount Bracket is typically attached using three 1/2" (12.7mm) Grade 8 anchors. The depth of the anchors will be determined by the type of wall that the System will be installed on. This bracket can be painted or textured to blend into the decor of the structure. It is recommended that installation be done by a local, certified contractor in conjunction with our installation instructions.


These inexpensive brackets can be installed on each side of the building to allow the users to choose the best location to initiate evacuation. If fire or wind conditions change, the users can quickly move the Swing Arm and CDD to a better area and continue evacuation.

Guardian Wall Mount Escape System
Responder Portable Systems


The Responder series are portable evacuation devices. These are three pieces of steel that fit one on top of the other and rest on a threaded rod forming a strong single column. By spinning a collar near the bottom of the device, the frame braces between the floor and ceiling of a building. The Responder can hold one or two Swing Arms so that one or two people could evacuate simultaneously but on separate CDD's.


The upper mast can fit directly onto the threaded rod making the Responder series small enough to set up in a window opening. It can also be used as a shoring device.


The Responder Series is the perfect tool for the rescue and construction communities. These are being utilized by U.S. and Allied forces abroad in a variety of strategic applications. It stores in a small wheeled case and deploys in just 2 minutes by a single person. Whether it's being used for rescue or evacuation, it quickly creates an anchor point that can accommodate a CDD or traditional rope rescue setup.

Responder 2 Portable Escape System with Evacuation Suits
Responder 1 Portable Escape System with Harness

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