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Middle East
In today’s complex environment it is irresponsible to believe that in times of
danger emergency services will be obtainable, timely and equipped to
provide rescue from multi-story buildings. Especially when 99% of the world’s
fire ladder trucks cannot reach above the 7th floor.

We provide simple, reliable and inexpensive solutions for self-evacuation
and rescue so that you can truly plan two ways out.
U.K. and Ireland
Delivering peace of mind. From Our hometown to yours.
We accomplish this by using a combination of several simple, low-tech
devices that require no power, have a long shelf-life and for the most
part have been in use for decades.

At the heart of each of our systems is the Controlled Descent Device
and is commonly referred to as a “CDD”. The CDD resembles a pulley in
its operation, as one side goes down (with the evacuee) the other side
comes up for the next person. This process is repeated over and over
again until everyone escapes. The speed can be compared to that of a
slow elevator. Users don’t experience any weightlessness and no
reloading is necessary.
The CDD comes with a polyester-braid, jacketed cable, with a core of steel
and an escape belt at each end permanently attached. Inside the housing
the cable passes over a sheave that drives a reversible gear, automatically
raising an empty escape belt to the device while the other is lowering an
evacuee. The gear simultaneously activates the centrifugal braking
mechanism that maintains a constant descent speed. Descent speed varies
based on the weight of the user but averages 3 feet/1 meter per second
The cable simply travels through the CDD and is not stored inside the unit.
A lightweight plastic reel holds the cable neatly next to the system. This
design allows us to easily create CDD’s of any length up to 1000 feet (333
meters) which would equate to about 100 floors.
These are designed to mitigate means of egress for: Government
Buildings, Embassies, Barracks, Hospitals, Disabled Individuals, Nursing
Homes, Air Traffic Control Towers, Apartments, Condominiums, Hotels,
Industrial, Job Sites, Theme Parks, Cranes, Oil Platforms, and Ships.
North America
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